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inLineImageCaption Low-paid staff like cleaners will lose outThe Institute��s director Paul Johnson said George Osborne��s higher minimum wage would come ��nowhere near�� to compensating for the Chancellor��s planned cuts to tax credits.��Actually the biggest cut will be for those in work and in particular the amount you can earn before you start losing tax credits has been pulled back a great deal,�� he told BBC Radio 4��s Today programme this morning.��There��s quite a set of cuts both for those in work and for those out of work. The Government��s said some people will be compensated by the introduction of the higher minimum wage for the over-25s �C the so-called National Living Wage �C and that will help some people somewhat but the scale of it is nowhere near enough to compensate for the cut in benefits."The revelation contradicts claims by the Government that it seeks to structure the social security system to help people who work.
news/uk/politics/jeremy-corbyn-shadow-cabinet-chuka-umunna-leaves-front-bench-over-key-points-of-difference-with-new-leader-10499249 Corbyn assembles his Shadow Cabinet
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news/uk/politics/jeremy-corbyns-labour-leadership-win-emboldens-trade-unions-to-defy-tory-sanctions-10499248 title="Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership win emboldens trade unions to defy Tory sanctions Win emboldens trade unions to defy Tory sanctions
news/uk/politics/david-cameron-claims-jeremy-corbyn-is-a-threat-to-national-security-10498651 Cameron claims Corbyn is 'threat to national security'
news/uk/politics/jeremy-corbyns-wife-laura-alvarez-expected-to-adopt-the-lowest-of-profiles-10499268 Corbyn's wife Laura Alvarez expected to adopt low profile
Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell outlined Labour��s alternative to the Conservative policy.��The government's cuts to tax credits are a disgraceful attack on families up and down the country. wholesale nba jerseys nba jerseys china nfl jerseys free shipping cheap nfl jerseys for women wholesale nhl jerseys